Leadership Conference • • •

  1. The purpose of the conference is to provide leadership training to students in parliamentary procedure, officer’s duties, teamwork, problem solving and social skills. The conference aims to encourage district unity and school spirit. It is a time for the sharing of ideas between students and advisors from different schools.
  2. The conference is open to all CTSO members.
  3. The conference is held 3 days in November.
  4. The location of the conference is determined by the SkillsUSA Pennsylvania - District 2 Board. Evaluations for the previous year’s conference will be considered.
  5. Planning the conference is the responsibility of the SkillsUSA Pennsylvania - District 2 Board.
  6. The registration fee will cover the cost of the conference. Individual schools are responsible for their student’s registration fees and conference costs.
  7. The host director is responsible to invite other SkillsUSA Pennsylvania - District 2 directors and their guests to the banquet. The host director will be the speaker at the banquet.
  8. Eastern region State board members should take an active role in workshops, finding speakers, keynote speaker's and making suggestions for activities.
2016 Pin Design Winners
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First Place
North Montco Technical Career Center

Third Place
Eastern Center for Arts and Technology

Second Place
Central Montco Technical High School

2016 Door Sign Design Winners
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First Place
Eastern Center for Arts and Technology

Third Place
Western Montgomery County Technical Center

Second Place
Central Montco Technical High School

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Download Important Forms Here
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Download the 2016 CTSO Certificate here • • • PDF Document
  • Download SkillsUSA Permission Slip and Medical Here • • • Word Document
  • Download Fall Leadership Room Registration Here • • • Excel Document
  • Download Outstanding Student Award Here • • • Word Document
  • Fall Leadership Responsibilities Click Here • • • Excel Document
  • Fall Leadership Competition Regulations Click Here • • • PDF Document
  • Courtesy Patrol sign-up sheets Click Here • • • Excel Document
  • Fall Leadership Registration Check-in Click Here • • • Excel Document
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